Takao Kinsuitei

Enjoy the cuisine of the four seasons.

KINSUITEI is a Japanese-style hotel which is located in Takao,
north west of KYOTO.
It is surrounded by beautiful Japanese nature,
which change their colors each season.

Day Trip


Takao, a mountain village is beautiful in any season.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.
cool breeze and fireflies in summer,maple leaves viewing in autumn,and a snow in winter.

川床The Kawadoko

May 1-end of September



Traditional Japanese guest rooms have quiet atmospher and wind sunlight, so you can really make yourself at home.

  • Kawadoko

    Takao area in which "Kinsuitei" located is 3-5 degree cooler than the center of Kyoto City in the summer.Enjoy the special dish on "Kawadoko"
    You can also find fire Fly in the Kiyotaki River only in June.

  • Kawadoko for Momiji

    You can enjoy "Kawadoko" not only in summer but also in other seasons.
    Maple trees change their color brilliant orange or red.
    "Koyo" is one of the most beautifull thing in Kyoto.


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